Contact List

The Park

Board of Directors

David Rand
Agenda items for B.O.D. and Membership meetings.
Verification of Membership/ Cooperative status (for third parties).
Questions concerning any Board of Directors actions.

Note: You may submit any written item to the President, for inclusion
in the Agenda of the next B.O.D. meeting.
Suggestions may also be left in the BOD Dropbox at the Park Entrance
Anonymous suggestions cannot be accepted.

Vice President
New Member processing.
Membership information, assistance/ help.
Mailbox requests or issues.
Home sales and Membership closure.

Diane Veprauskas, Treasurer
Terry Fogg, Director
Debby Connolly, Director

Grounds upkeep & maintenance concerns.
Resident infrastructure concerns.
Vendor concerns. Site Improvemet Form submissions.
Site Forms may also be left in the Dropbox at the Park Entrance

Membership in Freedom Pond Cooperative
Please send all Membership Request Forms to:

BOD monthly meetings: New Ipswich Library
On the 2nd Monday of the month at 6 pm through 2019.
(Unless posted otherwise.)
Notices are posted on the Community Board and this Website.