Co-op Foundation Documents

Co-op Documents

Here you will find the founding and governing documents of our Cooperative. Every Member of the Freedom Pond Cooperative should have, at least, a passing acquaintance with them.

Articles of Incorporation

At its core, the Cooperative is a Corporation, duly incorporated as such under the Statutes of the State of New Hampshire. However, it is a nonprofit "Consumers' Cooperative Association" (a type of Corporation) as specified under TITLE XXVII - CORPORATIONS, ASSOCIATIONS, AND PROPRIETORS OF COMMON LANDS, CHAPTER 301-A, CONSUMERS' COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONS (see Useful Links page to access this N.H. Statute.) Each year all New Hampshire Corporations are required to file an Annual Report with the N.H. Secretary of State

The Freedom Pond Cooperative, Inc., Articles of Incorporation are available for viewing here: Freedom Pond Articles of Incorporation

The most recent filing with the N.H. Secretary of State is available here: Freedom Pond 2021 Annual Report


Many of the requirements and conditions for Membership in the Freedom Pond Cooperative are directly based on stipulations found in N.H. RSA 301. For example: qualifications for Membership, the requirement for the payment of Capital (Membership Fee) as a prerequisite to Membership, the issuance of "Membership Certificates", the requirement and specifications for Meeting Notices, voting rights, the stipulation for an Annual Audit or Review, the grounds for Expulsion of Members and many, many other mandated items. Taken collectively these N.H. State Statutes constitute the framework and form the legal basis upon which our Bylaws (and those of any other Cooperative Association) are derived. Bylaws must be approved by, and can only be modified with, the consent of the Membership.

The Freedom Pond Cooperative, Inc., Bylaws are available for viewing here: Freedom Pond Cooperative Bylaws

Community Rules

The Membership of a Cooperative Association is empowered to formulate Community Rules, which set the standard for conduct of Members and regulate practical considerations of "Cooperative" (Community) living. The enactment, modification and repeal of the Community Rules is set forth in the Bylaws. Community Rules must be approved and can only be amended by the Membership.

The Freedom Pond Cooperative Community Rules are available for viewing here: Freedom Pond Community Rules

Policies and Procedures

For day-to-day governance and operation, the Membership of a Cooperative Association elects a Board of Directors. To assist the Board in decision making and to assure consistency and fairness in the execution of its duties, the Board formulates Policies and Procedures (P&P). These P&P guide its conduct and that of the Members. All P&P are subject to the limitations and requirements of the Co-op Bylaws and Community Rules.

A full listing of Freedom Pond Policies & Procedures, as well as Application and other Forms, is available here: Forms - P&P