Board Approved: Application Forms, Policies & Procedures

Date Approved Last Revision Membership Forms Notes
2017-9-5 Request for Membership Form Request for Membership Form for prospective Members
2014-5-9 2021-4-10 Membership Application Packet Complete Application packet for prospective Members
2014 Pet Registration Form Co-op Registration Form for outdoor Pets
2016-5-9 2019-9-22 Site Improvement Form Resident's Maintenance & Site Improvement Request Form
2015 Volunteer Release Form Cooperative's Volunteer Liability Release Form
2016-1-11 2019 Reimbursement Form Member Expense Reimbursement Form
2014 2015 Community Rule Complaint Form To Report a Rules Violation to the Community Rules Committee
2018-1-22 2019-4-15 Rent Payment Agreement Form Supercedes late fee waiver request Form
Selling Your Home
2017-9-18 Intent to Sell Notification BOD Notification of your intention to sell your home
2014-11-4 2019-8-12 Selling Your Home Information guidelines for selling your home
Board and General Co-op P&P
2013-11-22 Ground Rules for Participation Etiquette for participation at Co-op Meetings
2014-5-9 Conflict of Interest Standard for Member Conflict of Interest
2017-5-8 Code of Ethics B.O.D. & Committee Member Code of Ethics
E-Communications Policy Standards for Electronic Communications among BOD, Members, etc.
2014-5-9 2016-1-11 Procurement Policy Guidelines and Policy for Procurement of Goods and Services
2015-12-14 2019-4-15 Resident Information to 3rd Parties Providing Resident requested information to 3rd Parties/td>
2017-6-12 2017-9-18 Maintenance & Site Improvement Policy Maintenance & Site Improvement Policy (guideline to Form)
2015-12-14 Boat, Camper & RV Storage Criteria for storing Boats,Campers & RV's on Co-op Property
2019-12-9 Park Tree Trimming & Removal Cooperative Policy for Tree Trimming and Removal
2016-4-11 Notification Resolution Official Notification Resolution & Associated Fees
Membership Committee Policies
(No date) 2015-9-13 Membership Committee Membership Committee P&P
2014-5-21 Credit Worthiness Criteria Board & Membership Committee Credit Criteria Policy
2014-5-21 Criminal Background Criteria Board & Membership Committee Criminal Background Criteria Policy
2014-5-21 2019-7-8 Application Procedure Board & Membership Committee Application Procedure Guidelines
2014-5-21 Additional Household Member Board Criteria for approving an Additional Household Occupant
2019-9-9 Additional Household Occupant Form Notification Form for an Additional Household Occupant
Finance Committee
2014-5-28 2015-12-14 Finance Committee Finance Committee P&P
2014-5-28 2019-4-15 Past Due Rent Collection Procedure for Members with Past Due Rent
2018-1-22 2019-4-15 Rent Payment Agreement Form Supercedes late fee waiver request Form
2016-1-11 2019-5-13 Money Management Money Management P&P for all Deposits and Disbursements
2016-1-11 2017-11-6 Approved Recurring Payment Resolution Board Approved List for Automatic E-Payments & Debits
2017-5-8 Fee Collection Resolution Process for Collection of Unpaid Member Fees
Community Rules Committee
2014-9-3 2015-9-13 Community Rules Committee Community Rules Committee Policy and Procedure
2015 Community Rules Complaint Form To Report a Rules Violation to the Community Rules Committee
Other Committee Policies
2016-2-15 2019-12-9 BOD Nominations Policy FPC BOD Nominations Policy
Operations Committee Operations Committee working Policy & Procedure