Freedom Pond Cooperative, Inc.

45 Vaillancourt Drive

New Ipswich, NH 03071


April 21, 2017



Please note - Effective June 5th 2017

At the April 10, 2017 Annual Membership Meeting, the Membership voted to revise Section:


 II.  OCCUPANCY of the Community Rules, paragraph 2, as follows (on page 5):


2)     All lot rents are due on the fifth (5th) day of the month. There is a fifty ($50.00)
dollar late charge for rent received after the fifth (5th) day of each month.
Cash is not acceptable for payment of rent. A returned check fee will be
assessed $5.00 over the current bank fees per check
. No re-deposits will be
made. Non-members rent will be $150 above the prevailing member lot rent.


Please insert this notice with your copy of the Community Rules. A revised copy of the Community Rules may be downloaded from the Co-op web site.  New copies of the Community Rules will be distributed once Rules revisions are completed and approved by the Membership. Thank you.