About Freedom Pond Cooperative

The Pond

The Cooperative

The Freedom Pond Cooperative was organized during October of 2013 and incorporated in the State of New Hampshire on October 15th 2013. It is a nonprofit, Consumers' Cooperative Association as defined under NH RSA 301-A, having as its goal:

	This Cooperative is formed as a nonprofit basis for the purpose of acquiring, producing, building,
	operating, furnishing, exchanging, or distributing manufactured housing in a manufactured housing park
	and services primarily associated therewith for the benefit of its members who are ultimate consumers
	pursuant to RSA 301-A and with all powers conferred by RSA 301-A:4 and 293-A:3.02.

Located in the town of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, the Cooperative currently includes 61 acres of land and 50 member households. It has its own community water system, septic systems and is serviced by three private roads. A significant portion of the Cooperative property is common land, which is available to all Members for recreational purposes. However, for environmental reasons no motorized off-road vehicles are permitted, nor are motorized boats allowed in the pond.

All correspondence may be addressed to the Cooperative at:

	Freedom Pond Cooperative
	45 Vaillancourt Drive
	New Ipswich, NH 03071

The Membership

The Cooperative is owned by its Members who also adopt and approve the Cooperative's Bylaws, Community Rules and Membership requirements. To be eligible for Membership one must:

	1) Be 18 years of age or older.
	2) Own and reside, or intend to own and reside, within a home in the Community.
	3) Sign and agree to abide by the Occupancy & Membership Agreements, the Bylaws and Community Rules of the Cooperative.
	4) Pay a one time membership fee of $500 for the purpose of obtaining one Membership interest in the Cooperative. 
	   (Refundable in the event of the sale of your home.)

Each Member household has a maximum of one Membership interest in the Cooperative and only one full vote may be exercised under a Membership interest. All Members agree to remain a "Member in good standing". A "Member in good standing" sees that lot rent and Membership fees are current, honors all agreements with the Cooperative and is willing to accept Membership responsibilities (both in regard to governance and operation) in the pursuance of common Community goals.

A "Member in good standing" has, "a perpetual right to occupy a lot within the community", full voting rights and other Membership privileges including Member lot rent rate and committee membership. For a full description of these duties and privileges, please refer to the Cooperative's Bylaws also available on this site.

The Membership is empowered to make all major financial decisions within the Community including; the annual budget, adjustments to the lot rent, and Capital expenditures. The Membership approves and amends as necessary the Community's Bylaws, Rules and other governing documents. In addition, the Membership democratically elects the Cooperative's Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors

For the day-to-day management of the Community the Membership elects members to the Board of Directors each year. The terms of office for these Directors is staggered, to insure tenured individuals remain on the Board every year. The Board of Directors is accountable to the Membership and actively enlists the aid of Committees and volunteers to assist in the governance of the Co-op as well as to keep the over-all costs (and rent) of the Cooperative reasonable. The Board of Directors has as its mission:

	(Bylaws 6.3)
	A. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the day-to-day management and control of the Cooperative. This
   	   includes, but is not limited to, preservation and improvement of the Cooperative and quality of life of the Members.
	B. No Director may act on behalf of the Cooperative unless duly authorized by the Board of Directors.
	C. Any matter outside the ordinary course of business, or that involves the sale or encumbrance of assets shall require
	   Member approval.
	D. The Board of Directors may from time to time set up committees and/ or ad-hoc groups to work on specific responsibilities...